Aussie Body Challenge 6 week Carve Up


6 weeks of real food

Bodyweight Training

Transferable skills to get results for the rest of your life- not liquid diets.



A purpose built program for men aged 35+ to regain control of their weight and reprogram their body composition with

  • Meal plan,
  • Video Workouts
  • Grocery List
  • food prep hack
  • Video on nutrition WITHOUT the complicated jargon
  • Travel food guide
  • Eating out helper

We won’t sell you any shakes or supplements, we wont make you count calories- just real food and teaching you skills that will get you results and let you keep getting results.

This has been designed by someone who has done it- he won’t talk to you like you need a PhD in fitness and nutrition- he will tell you what to buy and how to serve it to get this program working from Day 1.

Video workouts and a daily step plan so you can bang out 20 mins in your lounge/bedroom/hotel room- WITHOUT having to step into a gym or run a mile.

This is Graeme from Glasgow,Scotland. He has changed his life- he has more energy, more confidence and he has the skills to keep his weight controlled and the fitness level to keep up with 3 energetic kids.


(individual results may vary.)





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